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Staff lead the way in shaping vision for local hospitals

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust has today pledged commitment to its patients, workforce and the wider community with the launch of its new vision and values. The Trust Board today approved the strapline “a great place to be cared for; a great place to work” with an emphasis on continuously improving the patient experience.

Staff, governors and volunteers from across the hospitals of South Cumbria and North Lancashire led the process and their ideas have helped shape the direction for the Trust. John Cowdall, Chair of the Trust Board, praised them for giving up their time to help set the Trust’s direction.
“Our new vision and values provide a clear message that providing compassionate care and high levels of experience remain at the heart of everything we do. Like any large, complex organisation, we need to provide clear direction for everyone who works here. If you don’t know where you are going how will you ever know if you’ve got there?”
He said the Board would support the workforce as the new vision and values were put into practice. “Words are all very well and good, what’s important now is that we all live them,” he said.

Kirk Panter, Staff Side Chair, said it was essential that staff had the opportunity to shape the future of the organisation. “Listening and involving staff is part of our new vision.  I think it is tremendous that staff have given up their time in this way.

“I look forward to seeing the vision and values displayed all around our hospitals, sending a message as to what we believe in and the standards we should all aspire to.”

Trust Chief Executive Jackie Daniel said the aim was not for the vision and values to stand alone but to be part of what each member of staff does every single day.
“Through this process we have listened to and involved our staff and partners because they are the people who make the difference for our patients. The Trust is now adopting a values-based recruitment approach by employing people who share our vision for a compassionate, caring workforce.”


We will constantly provide the highest possible standards of compassionate care and the very best patient and staff experience. We will listen to and involve our patients, staff and partners.
Patients:Our patients will be treated with compassion, dignity and respect. Their experience is our most important measure of achievement. 
People: Our staff and volunteers are the ones who make a difference. They understand and share our values and this is reflected in their work. 
Partnerships: Our partnerships make us strong. By investing in them, we will deliver the best possible care to our communities. 
Performance: Our performance drives our organisation. Providing consistently safe high quality care is how we define ourselves and our success. 
Progress: Our progress will be improved through innovation, education, research and technology to meet the challenges of the future. 
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