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UHMBT achieve care targets one year ahead of schedule

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) has met ‘challenging quality targets,’ one year ahead of schedule, thanks to the hard work of the Trust’s teams.
UHMBT set a number of goals and targets in 2016, with the aim of achieving a culture of continuous improvement and learning. Those quality targets were thought to be aspirational when set, but the Trust can now look forward to the next three years, having achieved their targets 12 months ahead of schedule.
Some of those targets and achievements include:
 The 2019 target for harm free care was 98%. By November 2017, UHMBT was delivering 97.87% of harm free care. Even more importantly, data suggests that the level of harm is also reducing.
 With mortality an important indicator of a learning organisation, UHMBT has continued to learn through consultant led reviews and mortality is consistently below the national average and is often on the best ten percent nationally.
 A focus on patient safety was an important element of the goals and targets. By the end of 2017/18 the aim was to reduce complaints to no more than 442 (a reduction of another 5%). Five years earlier, in 2012/13, there were 744 complaints received and by the end of January 2018, there had been a total of 360 for the year to date.
Sue Smith, Chief Nurse at UHMBT said: “When we set goals, they seemed to be aspirational and it is


testimony to our amazing front line teams that we have embedded a culture of continuous improvement and learning. Percentages don’t tell the whole story and we must always remember behind each of them is a person, a patient, who deserves the very best of compassionate care which something all of our staff strive to achieve every single day and the achievement of these targets is a testament to their hard work, this is why the Care Quality Commission rates the care provided by our staff at UHMBT as ‘outstanding’.
“So what has changed? We all have. We have become more open, honest, inclusive. There is a genuine feeling of team – across divisions, across professions and staff groups. We reflect and improve. We say sorry and learn. We share our learning with each other and with other organisations. Most importantly, we share our learning with our patients and their families.”
David Walker, Medical Director at UHMBT added: “It is important to reflect on the achievements of the


Trust as a team – wherever we work, each individual contribution is very important. None of us can achieve results such as these in isolation.
“Over the coming weeks, we will be talking to UHMBT’s divisional management teams, across the Trust, to agree our quality targets for the next three years. It is important that whilst we continue to reduce mortality and morbidity in hospital, we now have targets that support our health economy priorities for improving outcomes for patients both in and out of hospital. This is not the end and our next set of quality targets will be equally ambitious and aspirational this is only the end of the beginning there is a lot more to come. ”

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