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  1. Dave Legg says:

    Having just received a copy of New Horizons, which must have been in front of the printers a few weeks ago, I feel that some mention of both Maternity and Oncology issues at Furness General should have been included. Whilst stating that the trust hide nothing I think someone had already planned and decided these actions. What is the point of campaigning for improvement and offering donations if the trust doesn’t consult with its members first; and then listen to them. If fight goes down anymore it will be closed. Please take note of your patients and future patients. You have a Duty of Care..

    • Phil Woodford says:

      Hi Dave, thanks for the message, sorry if you feel that we have hidden this information – we have continued to share all public statements on our website, but I appreciate that if we are going to go to the trouble and expense of having a newsletter published and distributed that it should contain relevant information. It is planned at least two months in advance, but that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t have made changes. Each publication is also sent to a group of Governors for comment and to submit requests and / or articles.

      I will ask that when designing each copy of New Horizons, that they hold back a section that can be used for such important topics.

      Best wishes


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