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A letter to Dr Suresh, Ward 35 and RLI therapies

On the 19th January 2017 I attended the orthopaedics outpatient department at RLI to see Dr Nallapuneni Venkata Suresh Kumar for my first appointment following my GPs referral.

I was not expecting great things of Dr Suresh as I had been told more than 15 years previously that I needed bilateral knee replacement due to chronic arthritis, but, had been told on several occasions since that I was not a suitable candidate for the procedure as I was initially “too young”, and then later was “too heavy” for the surgery. I was indeed morbidly obese with a family history of heart problems and stroke, and frightened for my future.

By the time Dr. Suresh saw me in his clinic I was desperate and had been reduced to using a wheelchair to do anything outside my home.

I was in constant pain and could not sleep at night.

During my consultation Dr. Suresh showed me the x-rays of both my knees taken previously, and those taken the same day, and said that they were indeed in a terrible state.

However, unlike the previous consultants he immediately said that he would replace both knees, and that although the procedure would be slightly longer and slightly more complicated, he was confident of an excellent outcome.

He explained everything to me and took my consent the same day.

I left the clinic feeling more optimistic than I had for years.

I had my pre-op, and then on Wednesday 10th May my right Knee was totally replaced by Dr. Suresh and his team.

I then went onto ward 35 where I was “cared for” by the amazing ward staff who were completely and unanimously wonderful.

My second knee was then also replaced by Dr. Suresh on the 14th November and again I recovered on Ward 35.

My treatment from initial consultation in the orthopaedics clinic, through both operations, and recovery on ward 35 followed by physio and follow up appointments in clinic has been exceptional.

The nursing staff in clinic and on the ward were compassionate, thoughtful, professional and endlessly patient as was the entire team from beginning the process to the end. I witnessed nurses caring for patients, who were confused and had even abused them verbally, with kindness and tenderness that was humbling to see.

Dr. Suresh is someone that my family and I have come to consider a hero as he and his team have truly transformed my life. (This may sound like an exaggeration, but it really is not).

When I saw him originally I attended the clinic in a wheelchair, depressed and exhausted by constant pain, and almost exactly a year after my first knee, then my second was replaced, on 26th May 2018,……………. I danced at my son’s wedding!

My life and that of my family, including my 4 grandchildren has changed due to the amazing care and skills of Dr. Suresh and his team.

I look forward to making up for the lost time while I could not walk around, and joining in instead of spectating, and as a final note I am now losing weight.

I will never be able to thank everyone who was a part of giving me back my future and I understand that they get up every morning and go to work and do this but it really makes a difference that should be recognised.

From me and my family.

For not dismissing me as too heavy, for treating me with compassion, dignity, caring and skill and for giving me back my life.

Thank you all.

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