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‘Bay Radio’ is coming

A team of volunteers from across Lancashire and Cumbria are bringing a new radio station into the area that is proud to be local.

Bay Radio is coming on Saturday 1st September 2018. It is the work of volunteers from Bay Trust Radio in Kendal, a charity which has been operating since 1977.

The station will be the home of great music, news and information. Bay Radio will help to promote the great things about our area, as well as helping to spread messages of good health and well-being to the hospitals and wider community.

Station manager, John Williamson said: “The team have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare for Bay Radio. The station is built on our charity’s objectives and everyone is eager to bring something unique to the area that they live in.”

You can get involved with the station by visiting the Join Us page at or call 0330 223 0056.

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