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Integrated Care Communities

Integrated Care Communities (ICC) are integrated teams of health and care workers, practicing population health with a mobilised population. Based on natural communities of between 10,000 and 70,000 people, ICC’s bring together primary, community and social care workers into one single integrated team working to a common purpose: improving the health and well-being of the local population and are key component in our model for delivering care closer to home.

Comprised of health and social care professionals, third sector organisations, and members of the local population, ICC’s will work collaboratively using a Population Health frame of reference. The ambition is that, moving forward, these teams will address the care needs of a clearly defined population and seek to create a new relationship across providers and users of services to improve engagement in, and experience of, care in addition to better health outcomes.

Integration of services is key to sustainability and transformation of a modern health and social care system. Beyond immediate family and friends, General Practice is often the first port of call for people who have health care needs. In addition, there are commissioned health and social care services that deliver essential nursing, therapy and social care. However, statutory services alone do not offer the richness that is brought by 3rd sector providers and peer led groups that grow from groups of individuals who have shared experience of ill health and recovery.

Our communities have many assets that support them to thrive and flourish and, working at local level, ICC’s are well place to recognise these local assets and resources. So whilst statutory services will mobilise in the case of ill health or significant change in condition that necessitates highly intensive input; diagnostics or even hospital admission, much of what enables communities to stay well and happy is embedded and as such, each ICC will be unique in drawing together the elements that reflect their local population need.

There are 11 Integrated Care Communities in Morecambe Bay reflecting the geography and natural communities in existence. In the first instance these are co-terminus with the county boundaries in which those General Practices operate. These are not unchanging and may alter to reflect local changes in communities and are also likely to have sub-communities within them.

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