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Sally Young – Quality Assurance Blog

Apologies for not completing my blog for a while but I would like to share with you some fantastic news and update you on the work around the updated strategy for delivering QAAS.  By working differently with the right support, the scheme will be sustainable and continue to evolve and add value to patient care.

I would also like to welcome our CPFT colleagues who have merged with us and I have already met key personnel to discuss how we can incorporate those services into the process.

Exemplar Status

I am proud to announce that the Radiology Day Care Unit at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and the Westmorland Cardiac Centre at Westmorland General Hospital have been awarded exemplar status. Well done for your hard work and commitment – not only to the process but for working together for the benefit of our patients, service users and staff.

The following wards /areas are about to go through this process in the next few weeks;

  • Emergency Department (FGH)
  • Ward 9 (FGH)
  • Maternity Ward 17 (RLI)
  • Delivery Suite (RLI)
  • Ward 6/7 (WGH)
  • Day Surgery Unit (WGH)

I am very pleased to also share with you that Sue Smith, our Executive Chief Nurse and Deputy Chief Executive has secured a financial award of £1000 for each area that achieves exemplar status. To be able to receive this money the teams are required to demonstrate an improvement to their service or environment, or a whole new idea which enhances patient care and experience. They will be supported by the Listening Into Action team to deliver this.

The Quality Improvement Panel, where teams originally presented to, has recently been disbanded. The new QAAS Exemplar Panel will now review all new applications and improvement presentations and will meet three times a year.

QAAS Strategy

While the same visit structure, frequency and rag rating system will remain the same, we are in the process of devising and updating the tools on the Health Assure system. This will consist of modules made up of My Assurance and additional modules that are being devised to deliver the QAAS information.

This new system means that teams will input audit data into one place at ward level using iPads.  Once live, this will replace Guru and paper versions of audits will be standardised, with links to key guidance. This should make the data easier to access, complete, analyse and action.

The report format will mean we can provide clearer assurance of work and actions to support findings.


The focus over the next few weeks will be to ensure that those exemplar visits are completed, and outstanding visits are done. These will be delivered using the existing format and once we have 3 months of My Assurance data to analyse, we will move across to our new way of working. We will also be inviting our new apprentices and colleagues who have joined from CPFT to  take part in the visits. We need your help and support too please!

The dates already booked are as follows, with more dates to be announced soon. If you would like to join me, please email

Date Site
29th June RLI
6th July FGH
10th July QVH
12TH July WGH
13th July RLI
24th July FGH
14th August FGH
24th August FGH
28th August FGH
13th September RLI
21st September WGH
28th September FGH
5th October RLI
12th October FGH
144h October RLI
5th November FGH
14th December RLI

It’s been a busy time since my last blog, and I really value your continued support to deliver these visits and to be able to sustain the program moving forward.


Sally Young

Quality Assurance Matron

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One comment on “Sally Young – Quality Assurance Blog
  1. Roz McMeeking says:

    Looks really good Sally. Glad to see you are back.
    Will the inspections come out as diary invites??

    Gynae matron

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