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Sustainability update – September 2018

How are we doing?
We had planned to save £3.43m by the end of July through our Sustainability programme. However, we actually saved £4.26m, which is £830,000 better than planned. In terms of our Care Groups:

  • Medicine: saved £1,260,000 against a plan of £970,000
  • Surgery: saved £1,130,000 against a plan of £930,000
  • Core Clinical Services: saved £500,000 against a plan of £680,000
  • Women and Children’s: saved £400,000 against a plan of £290,000
  • Estates: saved £320,000 against a plan of £250,000
  • Corporate: saved £320,000 against a plan of £320,000


This is as a result of achieving schemes earlier than planned, which is great news but is not additional when viewed across the whole year. Equally, it is important to recognise that at the end of July, viewing the Trust’s total finances (not just the Sustainability programme), the Trust is £800,000 from plan, adversely. We therefore need to build on the good work being done already and yet increase the scale and pace.

We will share information about the Integrated Community Services Care Group’s schemes as soon as it is available.

What does this mean for healthcare across Morecambe Bay?
Whilst this is yet again a fantastic achievement from our staff across the Trust, we do still have a lot of work to do. As Bay Health and Care Partners (the partnership of our Trust and Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group), we are estimating a deficit of £69m by the end of March 2019 – effectively meaning we will have spent £69m more than we have.

We have got a plan to get ourselves back to a breakeven point in the next five years and are working with our regulators and partners to make this happen. We are currently on track to deliver this plan. Some of the things we are looking at include:

  • Understanding what the demand for healthcare services will look like in the future
  • Reducing some clinics, GP referrals and length of stay in areas such as iMSK, Respiratory, Diabetes and Frailty
  • Looking at how we could deliver Outpatient services differently
  • Producing a Commercial Strategy to look at how we could make money in areas such as academic collaborations and the Health Innovation Campus in Lancaster
  • Looking at how we can use healthcare staff across the Bay rather than just in individual organisations to reduce the reliance on agency staff


You can help us by thinking twice before you commit to any spending – think to yourself – “Do I need this? What benefit will this bring to the department and the Trust?” If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘none’ then don’t buy it.

FOCUS ON…Corporate Services

Here is a quick overview of the schemes which Corporate Services has been working on this year:

Our Informatics Department is on track to save approximately £250,000 for this financial year. This will be achieved by a variety of innovative schemes, such as the renegotiation of contracts to achieve cheaper tariffs and the generation of income from additional activities.

The department has also undertaken skill mix exercises to reduce any remaining duplications in duties, such as consolidation of functions and the streamlining of responsibilities for all posts.

Savings in the region of £35,000 will result from the implementation of new systems, such as COIN2 (a lower cost Wide Area Network), as well as the switch to a latest Sectra Radiology Implementation System.

Workforce is on target to achieve savings in the region of £170,000 this financial year.  This will be achieved by a variety of skill mix projects and work/life balance requests.  Non-pay savings will be achieved by continued development of toolkits and associated policies and the use of systems in a digital strategy. These have all been confirmed to have no negative impact on quality.

Finance and Procurement have achieved savings through staffing efficiencies and reductions in non-pay spend.

Skill mix projects have also generated savings within Corporate Communications and Governance.

How can you help?
We are always looking for ideas on how we can improve patient services and save money and we know that our staff have the best ideas. Have a chat to your colleagues and let us know what you think we could do better or differently.

Remember – no idea is a bad idea. If you have an idea or thoughts on how we can save money in any area of the Trust, please let us know! Contact the Programme Management Office (PMO) on

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