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Trust sees success across the world in recruiting nurses

Nurses from across the world have been flocking to University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT).

Recruitment has been successful locally, nationally and internationally in recent months.

In 2017-18 the Trust set itself a target to recruit more nurses – due to the number of vacancies the Trust had, and the number it knew would leave their employment and the number either on or who the Trust knew would be going on maternity leave.

In the financial year 2017-18 129 whole time equivalent (WTE) nurses started in post with the Trust. In addition a further 42 WTEs were in the pipeline, bringing the total recruited to 171.

Among the successes during the year was that in September 2017 we had our biggest cohort of preceptorship nurses and for September 2018 we have currently recruited 42 preceptorship nurses and 12.8 WTE preceptorship midwives.

Since April 2017 11 international nurses have joined the Trust. Further cohorts of international nurses are also set to join the Trust – 12 by the end of July with a total of 26 by the end of August.

Since April 2018 a further 9.75 WTE nurses have joined us and of those nurses and midwives who retired in 2017 – 17 agreed to return to practice

“Our strategy has been to attract people to our area by pushing the benefits of living in such a fantastic part of the world and working for a unique organisation which is pushing at the forefront of trialling new ways of working and pioneering working differently to make effective changes for our public,” said UHMBT Executive Chief Nurse and Deputy Chief Executive Sue Smith.

“We have begun to grow our own nurses of the future with our programme of attracting local people to study locally and work with us, attract people from other parts of the country to work with us locally, and attract people from across the world to come and work with us.”

One nurse who has successfully come back to the local service was Helen Capstick who graduated with a first class honours degree and then re-joined the local continence service based at Westmorland General Hospital.

Jessica Gaite – a nurse working on Ward Six at FGH – said: “I came to work at the Trust last October. Everyone at the Trust has been very supportive, both with my examinations and personally to help me get settled locally.

“I come from the Philippines and there’s a number of nurses from my country working at the Trust so we are able to support each other, which is great.

“I was formerly a city girl but I am loving living in this area – travel is very accessible and it’s a great place to live.”

The recruitment will continue as a key plank of the trust’s efforts to ensure that services are staffed safely.

Using social media for a campaign to recruit to posts within the maternity service, the Trust reached 106,444 people, engaged with 3,661 and the effort resulted in 39 enquiries.

Sue Smith added: “Our strategy is to ensure that our wards and departments are staffed safely, and that where possible we recruit staff to be employed directly by us, reducing our need to bring in expensive agency staff.”

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